Friday, November 13, 2009

My Digital Footprint

On the internet many people post things that come back to them in not so good of a way. So I have tried to look myself up on google to see what is out there on the internet under my name. All that I could find is my name under our school's basketball and soccer roster, and our honer roll. These are the only three spots that I can find my name on the internet.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Climate Change

Climate change is happening all over the world. The climate change is caused by the Earths temperature is increasing because of the greenhouse gasses that are being let out. Because of these rising temps. the Earth is changing in many ways. These ways of change include: different rainfall patterns, rise in sea level, and a wide range of impact on plants, wildlife, and humans. Animals and humans are also effected from: heat stress, medical problems, disturbances to air pollution, water and food supplies, and coastal flooding, due to the climate changes. The climate changes also bring in droughts to our crops, which results in food shortages. These are all ways in which the climate change effects us and everything around us.
Can you make a difference?
YES!!! Defiantly you can help to make a difference by: riding a bike/ taking a bus/or even walking instead of riding in a car, recycle, use solar energy, share the information that you have learned to everyone that you know so that they are informed and they can make a difference too!