Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Blog Through Someone Else's Eyes

I have asked someone else to take a look at my blog in general and tell me what they think of it. One of the first things that caught their attention was my pictures along the right hand side of my blog. They loved looking at them and having a good laugh at them. These are pictures that describe me in many ways, varying from what I collect (M&M's) to my interests such: basketball, soccer, animals, John Deere, and country music. While trying to read some of my post though, they said that the picture where the dog's ears are flapping from the fan's wind, was distracting them. One thing that they told me to improve on my blog is to be more detailed when I write. I am so glad that I asked this person to look at my blog so that I can improve it in the future.

Last Post But Not Least

Through out this whole school year I have been publishing new post, 38 (including this one) to be exact. All of these posts were able to be seen from others who blogger just like myself. Anyone who reads my blog is able to post a comment on any post that they choose. Total I received eight comments on my blog,one of which was my own. On one of the post I received two comments. I am pretty sure that this was because I had a picture that went with it that was attractive to the eye. Everyone of the post that I posted though were just because of they were assigned in class as an assignment. I do not really have a favorite one that I wrote, but if I were to choose it would be the one titled My Town. This would be because I was able to inform people all around the world about where I live. One of my favorite posts in general though was the one where we got to create a glog and added that to out blog. My glog had a background picture that I took in Florida this past summer, and I added other pictures on it that described me. These pictures varied from animals to M&M's. I have also added some things called widgets into my blog. I do not have very many of them, so I defiantly think that I should add more to make my blog even better. Through all of the blogging challenges though, between the ones from my own teacher, and the ones from this blog, I have enjoyed completing them throughout this year and looking back and seeing how much I have changed as a writer a long the way.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


This year Facebook is celebrating their six year anniversary. At this website, there is infomation along with several graphs on how Facebook has changed of the past six years. Looking at the infomation I would say that I deffently fit in the average spot for the most part. Some of the them I do not really fit in, such as updating my status 25 times per month, uploading several photoes, and a few others But other than that through out several others I do fit right in. Looking at it from my friend's point of view though, I feel that the majority of them are right at average, if not above. Depending on which friend depends on how often they put these things on Face book. This is how my Face book is like as long as my friend's for the most part.

Friday, April 23, 2010

5 Really Awesome Bloggers

1. This blogger has their blog really layed out neatly and very organized.

2. This blogger really knows how to wright in detail about all posts.

3. In this blog everything is layed out nicely so that everything and anything can be found easily.

4. This blog has info on anything and everything is seams like, and is well written.

5. In this blog is also well written and in great detail.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

animal farm

In English class now we are reading the book "Animal Farm". Then we had to find a clip on youtube that relates to this book in some way. So here is a video clip summerizes the book's simbolism.

Copy Right? or Wrong?

I believe that my blog should need a creative commons license. This is because it's more than just me looking at my blog, but teachers, classmates, and other people all around the word too. This is why I am taking apart of this week's blogging challange and I say that all blogs should have a creative commons license.

Friday, March 26, 2010

visit me

People should visit my blog my blog to learn more about me and where I live. My blog is interesting because it says a lot about me and who I am. These are some reasons why people should visit my blog. click here to visit the blogging challenge that I am apart of for this week.